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How to Play Let it Ride

Let it Ride varies the game of Five Card Stud Poker. It is easily learned.

The game begins when each player puts three separate and equal bets on the table in addition to the Let it Ride Bonus Wager. If the player gets a three of a kind or better, the player wins the BONUS payout. In addition, the player can bet up to $100 that he will get at least a pair in the three cards he is dealt.

Players must make all wagers before the dealer ends betting by saying “no more bets.”

Playing Let it Ride

The dealer and players each get three face down cards. The players do not play against the house or each other; rather the goal is to get the best possible hand using the three original cards plus two additional community cards, which the dealer shows face up. The dealer pays out based on the player’s final hand. The player may skip the hand by asking for the first bet back, or he can Let it Ride.

The dealer turns his bottom card and then turns up one community card. The remaining players may ask for their second bet back, or they can Let it Ride. After turning up the second community card, the dealer turns every player’s three cards up in a counterclockwise direction. The dealer then collects all losing wagers and then pays the winners, according to the payout schedule.

Players may not take back the third bet and they cannot share their hands with other players. All players must keep three cards in full view of the dealer. Following the second bet, every player must place his cards face down; he may not touch the cards for the remainder of the game.

The Bonus Payout Schedule

A Royal Flush earns $25,000.
A Straight Flush earns $2,500.
A Four-of-a-Kind earns $400.
A Full House earns $200.
A Flush earns $50.
A Straight earns $25.
A Three-of-a-Kind earns $5.

The Three Card Bonus Payout

A mini Royal Flush pays 50 to 1.
A Straight Flush pays 40 to 1.
A Three-of-a-kind pays 30 to 1.
A Straight plays 6 to 1.
A Flush pays 4 to 1.
Two Pair pays 1 to 1.

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino reserves the right to change Let it Ride rules and regulations without notice.

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