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Q.  What time is the casino open?
  Come Play!®  For your gaming enjoyment, our beautiful Casino is open 24 hours daily.  The Casino only closes - by Delaware law - on Easter Sunday and Christmas annually.

Q.  What are the hours of the Capital Club®?
A.  Currently, they are:

  • Sunday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 1 a.m.
  • Friday & Saturday 24 hours

Q.  What is the minimum age to enter the casino?
You must be 21 years of age or older to enter the slots and table game areas and be prepared to show proof of ID.  Security officers check ID at the doors.  We are committed to responsible gaming and that includes ensuring that visitors are of legal age to enter the facility.

Q.  What do you consider a valid ID?
A.  We accept a valid, current driver's license, state-issued identification, military identification and passport as valid identification for all transactions at the Capital Club.

Q.  I've lost my Capital Club Card.  Can you mail me a replacement card?
A.  For security reasons, we do not send Capital Club Cards through the mail.  To obtain a replacement card, simply present your valid photo ID at the Capital Club, and a representative will have a new one printed for you in moments.

QCan my spouse and I use the same Capital Club Card?
Each Capital Club account is unique to one individual.

Q.  What kind of / how many slot machines do you have?
A.  Currently, we have more than 2,300 slot machines in the latest themes of both reel and video format, ranging in denominations from 1 penny to $25.

Q.  How can I find out if you have my favorite games?
A.  You may send your inquiry to with your specific game request.  Because we continually refresh our slots selection, we want the information we provide to be current.

Q.  Do people really win big money on slots?
A.  YES! Our largest jackpot - and the largest jackpot ever in the state of Delaware - is $4.8 million, won in May 2011!

Q.  Do you offer Keno?
A.  Yes! Play Keno here:

  • Garden Cafe, daily between 9 a.m. - 12:04 a.m.
  • Festival Buffet, Sunday - Thursday between 7 a.m. - 8 p.m., Friday between 7 a.m. - 9 p.m., and Saturday between 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Race & Sports Book, daily between 11 a.m. - 12:04 a.m.
  • Terrace Bar, Sunday - Thursday between 4-10 p.m., and Friday & Saturday between 4 p.m. - 12:04 a.m. Closed in the Winter.

Q.  How old do you have to be to play Keno?
A.  By Delaware law, you must be 18 years of age or older to play Keno.

Q.  Do you have table games?
A.  Dover Downs Hotel & Casino offers 40 tables: Craps, Roulette and card games including Blackjack, Spanish 21, Baccarat, 3-Card, and Pai Gow Poker. Check out the third floor, first-class Poker Room with tables, all featuring Texas Hold'em, 1-2 no-limit games and above and 2-4 limit games and above. Try our Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot and our Poker Tournaments.  Poker Room.

     We also offer multiplayer video lottery terminals, which combine a "virtual" video dealer and exciting player interaction with fully-automated table game play.  We have electronic Roulette, and the electronic variations of Blackjack offer greater flexibility in game wager amounts while nearly doubling the number of hands played per hour when compared to traditional live table games.

Q.  What are your table game minimums?
A.  We offer $5 tables Fri. - Sun. from 6 a.m. until noon on blackjack, craps, roulette and three card poker.  If you prefer a loftier bet, our minimum can be $10, $25 and higher.

Q.  Do you offer "training" on table games?  I don't know much about them and would like to join my husband when he plays roulette.
A.  Our friendly, knowledgeable dealers are amenable to teaching the novice player not only how to play a game, but also offer pointers on the ins and outs of wagering, odds, and the like.  In the meantime, view our table game options then click through to your game of choice for a tutorial.

  What sort of poker tournaments do you offer?
A.  We offer daily poker tournaments, and our friendly dealers are happy to accommodate your special game request.  Browse current promotions and upcoming tournaments.

Q.  I forgot to redeem my chips before I left the casino.  Can I just mail them in so you can reimburse me?
A.  Chips have to be redeemed in person at the Cashier Cage.

Q.  Do table game chips ever expire?
A.  No, they do not expire.

Q.  Can I cash in my chips at another casino?
A.  No, our casino chips may not be redeemed at another casino.

Q.  What is iGaming?
A.  We are pleased to inform you of the fantastic iGaming online player platform at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino!  As you may be aware, Delaware has pioneered the first launch of full casino and poker gaming available in the U.S.!

     There are various bonuses and promotions available to you with online play, and these can be seen in the My Account section online.

     If you have previously attempted to join online gaming at and experienced issues, we are happy to announce that the technology providers have been able to more precisely identify iGaming player location, and software updates have been installed.  We invite you to please try again and sincerely apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced.  Please know that we are committed to providing a positive player experience.  Explore full casino and poker online gaming!

Q.  Do you have special offers for new members who join the Capital Club?
A.  Yes!  We always offer new member incentives

Q.  What does "parlay football betting" mean?
A.  "Parlay" sports betting on professional football games — offered during preseason, regular season, and playoffs — means that your bet must be a three-part wager.  In essence, a parlay is a single wager that links multiple wagers; to win the bet, a player must win all the wagers in the parlay.  Parlay cards are updated on our website each Wednesday during football season for the following week's games.

Q.  Does everyone get to have a casino host?
A.  Our casino hosts are happy to assist any Capital Club Member with special requests for comps, including meals, show tickets and hotel rooms.  All offers are subject to availability and based on individual play.  You may call the Casino Host office via the silver phone located at the Capital Club desk.  Meet our hosts.

Q.  How do I qualify for promotions?
A.  Each promotion, event and giveaway is structured to reward Capital Club Members, based upon their individual levels of play.  We appreciate the fact that you choose Dover Downs Hotel & Casino as your gaming and entertainment destination.  We constantly evaluate and improve our offers to ensure that all levels of players receive benefits consistent with their play.  To be certain that you receive all of the wonderful promotional incentives for which you may be entitled, please use your Capital Club Card every time you play.

Q.  Do I have to be present to win a giveaway?
A.  Yes.  You must be present during our events, giveaways and promotions to be eligible to participate and to win.  Specific rules for each promotion are available at the Capital Club.

Q. Do you ever offer gas cards as incentives for players who live far away from the casino?
A.  We do occasionally offer gas cards as a promotional prize.  Check our Current Casino Promotions to see when we will next have a gas card promotion.  Also, you may use your Comp Dollars to purchase gas cards.

Q. Atlantic City and Las Vegas serve us free alcoholic beverages.  Why wouldn't you?
A. We would if we could. Delaware State Law prohibits us from offering free alcoholic beverages to our guests.

Q.  What are the official Capital Club Rules?
A.  View official Capital Club Rules.

Q.  How can I change my contact information?
  On your next visit to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, stop by the Capital Club with your valid ID.  A friendly Capital Club representative will update your contact information.  If you prefer, you may call the Capital Club at 302-674-4600, ext. 3821, and with a few verification steps we will update your information over the phone.

Where did my points go?  My balance on the machine reads 0.
The balance on the screen shows only the Points that you have earned on that day.  At the conclusion of each trip, your Points are posted to your account in the form of Comp Dollars.  Each Point earned is worth 25 cents that you may spend at our luxury Four Diamond hotel, 13 restaurants and bars, beautiful full-service spa/salon, and for NASCAR® tickets, concerts and events.

Q. Can I check online to see how many points I have?
A.  Under the My Account page you will see the Points you have earned for our monthly Gift Rewards.  To check your Points in the current earning period toward tier status, please email your request to

Q.  How much does it take to earn a point?
  The amount of coin-in required to earn a Point is set up differently on different machines, but generally, the slot machines of 1 penny to $1 denominations will require $80 coin-in to earn a Point.

  What is calculated as coin-in by the system?
  Coin-in is not only out-of-pocket money you play through the slot machine, but also anything you win then replay through the machine.  For instance, if you play $20 through a slot machine and win $18 on that play, and then play all of that through the machine, your coin-in is $38.

Q.  What is the worth of points at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino?  How does this compare to other properties?
A.  Each Point earned on your account will add $0.25 to your Comp Dollars balance.  These Comp Dollars may be used at any food or retail outlet at our property.  Occasionally, we also offer special promotion days when you may redeem your Comp Dollars for cash or for FREE Slot Play.

     Additionally, there are different promotions each month when you may earn a gift or entries into drawings based on the number of Points you have earned during the promotional earning period.  These promotions do not deduct any Comp Dollars from your account.

  • The Points earned at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino give you MORE!
  • Dover Downs Hotel & Casino:  1 Point = 25 cents in Comp Dollars
  • Many casinos:  1 point = 1 cent

Q.  How can I find out my Comp Dollars balance?
A.  Click on "My Account" at the top of this page to view all of the updated details on your account.  For your protection and privacy, we will also provide this information in person or via telephone.

      In person - On your next visit, insert your Capital Club Card into any slot machine.  After the card reader shows your name, press the "PROMO" button.  If the screen gives you a choice, you will need to press "1" for sweepstakes/promo balance.

      Across the top of the screen will scroll your Comp Dollars balance.  This is the dollar amount available for you to spend at our property on services, food and merchandise.  You may also visit the Capital Club with your valid ID and one of our friendly Capital Club representatives will gladly give your Comp Dollars balance.

      Via telephone - Call the Capital Club at 302-674-4600, ext. 3821, and with a few verification steps we will gladly give you your Comp Dollars balance.

Q.  May I redeem my Comp Dollars for cash?
A.  Yes.  You may redeem your Comp Dollars for cash at the Capital Club with a valid ID, once per gaming day.  The redemption ratio is 2:1.  A balance of 30 Comp Dollars must be left on your account.

Q.  How long do my Points/Comp Dollars remain on my account?
A.  Comp Dollars will remain on your account as long as your account stays active, which requires that you earn at least 1 Point in a year's time.  Points and Comp Dollars will expire after one year of inactivitiy.

Q.  What is FREE Slot Play?
A.  FREE Slot Play is the equivalent of free cash to play on slot machines and is exclusive to Capital Club Members.  FREE Slot Play is another of our many promotional offers and is awarded based on player activity.

Q.  I received your offer for FREE Slot Play.  How do I use it?
A.  Begin by setting up a personal identification number (PIN) at the Capital Club then find a FREE Slot Play-compatible machine and follow these steps:

  • Insert your Capital Club Card.
  • When the "PROMO" light flashes, PRESS the PROMO button.
  • Press "2" to collect FREE Slot Play.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN.  Careful: you must enter the correct PIN by the third attempt or you will need to visit the Capital Club to receive a new PIN.
  • After you enter your PIN, a screen will show:
    • Available Dollars
    • Enter Amount
  • Using keypad numbers, enter the whole dollar amount of your available FREE Slot Play to download to this slot machine.
  • Enjoy your FREE Slot Play!
  • Once all FREE Slot Play is spent, you may cash out any winnings.
  • Repeat these steps to see if you have additional FREE Slot Play.
Q.  Why do I not get mail from Dover Downs Hotel & Casino?  Why does my spouse/friend/relative get more mail than me?
  Each promotion/event/giveaway has different criteria based upon activity on your Capital Club Card.  We appreciate the fact that you choose Dover Downs Hotel & Casino as your gaming destination.  We are constantly working on improving our offers to be sure that all levels of players receive incentives that are consistent with individual play.

  How may I obtain a Win/Loss statement and a W2G statement?
You may request instant access to your Win/Loss and W2G statements via the "My Account" prompt above, or visit the Capital Club and request that a copy be mailed to you (expect 2-3 weeks for delivery).

Q.  What kind of accommodations do you have for persons with disabilities in the casino?
  All of our slot machines are wheelchair accessible. Our slot ambassadors are happy to assist with any special requests you may have.

  Can I smoke in the casino?
In compliance with Delaware's Clean Indoor Air Act (November 27, 2002), all areas inside the facility are nonsmoking.

  Where are your smoking areas?
There are Smoking Pavilions located outside the main entrances of the facility complete with comfortable seating areas, heaters and covered wind breaks.  Also, the Terrace Lounge, located at the north end of the Casino, is accessible from inside and outside the Casino.   View our Property Map to find designated smoking areas.

Q.  I am planning a bus trip.  What bus companies visit Dover Downs Hotel & Casino?
A.  There are many bus companies that travel to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, although we are not directly affiliated with any particular company.  Your local tourism office will have information on which bus companies travel from your area to the casino.

Q.  Do you offer special packages or incentives for bus groups?
A.  For information on bus trips, please contact Debra Eashum at

Q.  I took myself off your mailing list awhile back, but I would like to receive your offers again.  How can I do this?
A.  You may email your request to, explaining that you would like to "opt in" to receive offers again, and your account will be updated immediately.

Q.  I voluntarily excluded myself from the casino years ago and would like to come back to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino soon.  How can I be sure that I will be allowed in to play again?
A. To be reinstated as a Capital Club Member or visitor of Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, send a letter including your information with your request to: Director of Security, 1131 N. DuPont Hwy., Dover DE 19901.  Email will not be accepted.  Depending on how long you chose for your exclusion will determine the length of the reinstatement process.  Reinstatement is not guaranteed, however, and we have a 30-day wait period from when we begin to process a request.

Q.  What is the special VIP Lounge my friends are talking about?  Can any player get in?
A.  Our VIP Lounge, located in the Lobby Bar of the hotel, is open on weekends and designated for Capital Platinum and Capital Elite Members only.  Capital Platinum and Capital Elite Members are allowed one guest per player's card and must sign in with the lounge host upon entering. 
     The VIP Lounge is open on Friday from 5 p.m. until midnight, Saturday between 8-11 a.m. and again from 4 p.m. until midnight.  On Saturday and Sunday we are open for continental breakfast between 8-11 a.m.  During these times, the Lobby Bar is closed to the general public. 

      On Friday and Saturday evenings, we serve light fair between 5-8 p.m. (salads, dips, hors d'oeuvres, dessert).  Guests in the hotel will also receive two complimentary drink tickets, which may be picked up at the hotel front desk daily.  Otherwise, drinks are discounted at the bar.
      For access to the exclusive 928 Lounge, please contact your Casino Host when you arrive to see if you are eligible (based on level of play).

Horse Racing

Q. When do you have live horse racing?
A. The live harness racing season runs November through April. We also simulcast nationwide horse racing year round in the Race & Sports Book.

View Racing Schedules and the Simulcast Schedule.

Q. Are children allowed to view horse racing in the Festival Buffet and the Winner's Circle Dining Room?
A. Yes. Children are allowed to watch horse racing and are permitted in the Festival Buffet and the Winner's Circle® Restaurant. You must be 18 years of age to wager on horse racing and to enter the simulcast area.


Q. Do you have a direct line to the hotel?
A. Yes. Toll free is 800-711-5882 and local is 302-857-2190.

Q. Does the hotel have a spa or a place that provides hair and nail services?
A. Yes.  The Bali-inspired Toppers Spa/Salon features eight massage therapy rooms including private couple’s suites, skincare treatment rooms, women’s and men’s bath areas, and separate hair and nail salons.  Toppers Spa/Salon Information.

Q.  Why can't I get a hotel room for NASCAR race weekend?  I'm a good player and called six months in advance!
A. As the host hotel for the NASCAR® events and with only 500 rooms at our disposal, the hotel is largely commandeered with NASCAR sponsors, race teams, officials and the media.  We have a very small block of extremely limited rooms set aside each race weekend for players who qualify, based on level of play, for the special offer.  Guests may speak directly with the Casino Host office (302-857-2229) to see if they qualify for a room on race weekend.

Q. Does the hotel offer smoking rooms?
A. For the health and safety of our guests, we do not offer smoking rooms to the general public.

NASCAR is a registered trademark of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing.


Q.  How late can I have dinner at Michele's Restaurant and still be on time for the show in the Rollins Center®?
A.  We suggest that you allow 2 hours for your dinner at Michele's®.

Q.  Do you serve lunch at Michele's?
A.  During the week, no.  However, Michele's offers a spectacular Sunday Brunch from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  We also offer lunch in the Garden Cafe located within the Casino, in the Festival Buffet located on the 2nd floor, and in the Race & Sports Book located in The Colonnade.

Q.  Is there somewhere else, other than Michele's, to have breakfast?
A.  The Festival Buffet serves breakfast beginning at 7 a.m.  Room Service is also available for breakfast.  Also try Sweet Perks in the Hotel Lobby or Sweet Perks Too located in The Colonnade.

Q.  Does the Hotel offer a continental breakfast?
A.  A delicious continental breakfast featuring fresh fruit, juices, yogurt, cereals and assorted pastries is available through Room Service.

Q.  Where are your restaurants located?
A.     Michele's is located on the 2nd floor overlooking the hotel lobby
        Garden Cafe is located inside the Casino
        Festival Buffet is located on the 2nd floor of the grandstand building
        Doc Magrogan's Oyster House is located in The Colonnade
        Race & Sports Book is located in The Colonnade
        Frankie's is located in The Colonnade

Q.  Are any restaurants open late?
A.  The Garden Cafe is open from 11 a.m. - 1 a.m. Tuesday - Thursday and 24 hours beginning Friday 11 a.m. - Tuesday at 1 a.m.  Sweet Perks Too, located within The Colonnade section of the Casino, is open 24 hours. The hand-carved sandwiches are available Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. and until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Q.  Do you offer special menu items for vegetarian or gluten-free requests?
A.   Absolutely.  Requests for gluten-free or vegetarian selections have been the trend.  We are able and happy to accommodate most dietary-restrictive needs.  All we ask is that you request to see our management team with your dietary requirements. 


Q.  Do you have a list of annual events online?  I am planning a trip next year for my 40th birthday.
A.  Events and entertainment offerings are posted here as soon as tickets go on sale.  Though we may know in advance what acts are contracted and what events are planned in the future, often times we are specifically precluded from announcing this information by artist's management.  Therefore, we recommend that you check here prior to planning your next visit to see what acts and events are featured.

Q.  I play in a band.  Who can I talk to about getting our act in the casino lounge or other areas?
A.  We are always looking for fresh talent!  You may direct your pitch to

Q.  What time do the shows start in the Rollins Center®?
A.  Most Friday events start at 9 p.m.  We also have Saturday evening events with varied start times. All events and times are subject to change. Please refer to our Concerts & Events Page to check the events that interest you.

Q.  How often do you have shows in the Rollins Center?
A.  This varies depending on the season. Please check our Concerts & Events Page for an updated list of events.  Schedules and events are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Q.  Do you have boxing?  Mixed Martial Arts?
A.  We do not currently host these events.

Q.  Do you have things to do for a Girl's Night Out?
A.  Yes!  We are happy to offer several options for only the ladies.  Choose a restaurant or bar from our list of dining options has our current ladies-only offers. Thursday is ladies night in all of our restaurants.

Q.  What time do you begin seating for the shows in the Rollins Center?
A.  The doors open approximately one hour prior to a show. Please refer to the Concerts & Events Page or call VIP Services at 800-711-5882 to confirm the time of the show that interests you, as times are subject to change.

Q.  Where can I pick up my tickets on the night of the show?
A.  At the "Will Call" ticket window, located in the lobby of the Rollins Center next to the Concierge desk. Will Call usually opens two hours before show time and remains open until one hour after the show begins.  Will Call hours may vary; call VIP Services at 800-711-5882 to confirm hours.


Q.  What is the main phone number for the property?
The local number is 302-674-4600.  The toll-free number is 800-711-5882.

What is the address for Dover Downs Hotel & Casino?
The Postal address is P.O. Box 1412, Dover, DE 19903. The physical address is 1131 N. DuPont Hwy., Dover, DE 19901. To ensure prompt delivery of mail and packages, include the name and/or title and the department name of the person to whom you are addressing.

Q.  Can you give me directions?
A.  View our directions

Q.  Do you offer Gift Certificates for Dover Downs Hotel & Casino?
A.  Yes. Gift certificates are a great gift idea and may be purchased by calling VIP Services at 800-711-5882.

Q. Do you have Wi-Fi?
A.  Yes!  All publicly-accessible areas of Dover Downs Hotel & Casino have FREE Wi-Fi for your convenience including the casino, poker room, and the hotel.  Conference rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi upon request.  For added player convenience, the Poker Room also offers free phone charging stations.

Q.  What kind of parking facilities do you have?
A.  We have plenty of free parking.  We also offer valet parking for a nominal charge.

Q.  Do you have activities for children?
A.  No. Gaming is considered adult entertainment.  You must be 21 years of age to play the slots and 18 years of age to wager on horse racing, Keno and professional football parlay sports betting.

Q.  Is the Dover Mall nearby?
A.  The Dover Mall is located directly next to the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino parking lot; however, vehicle transportation is required.

Have more questions?  Send an email inquiry to for reply.

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