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Dover Delaware

Founded in 1683 by one of America’s most famous historical figures, Dover Delaware is a thriving, centrally located city in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Capital City

Dover, located in Kent County, is the capital of Delaware and the home of a variety of industries. About 36,000 people live in Dover and the city is well-known among historians for its fascinating past.

Dover was a stop on the Underground Railroad and the city’s Quaker community aided many former slaves on their way to freedom. Its central square, called the Green, hosted dozens of government events such as political rallies, troop reviews and more. The Green remains today as the home of the Delaware Supreme Court and the Kent County Courthouse. The Green also hosts a wide variety of community events, such as the annual Christmas Caroling.

Dover Area Attractions

The Dover area is home to a diverse range of attractions, including several area colleges, the Amish countryside, a NASCAR facility and many historical sites. The Atlantic Ocean is an easy drive, as are the cities of Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Delaware is also well-known among bargain hunters for its tax-free shopping status, and many visitors enjoy this privilege while purchasing clothes, cars, supplies and more.

Location and Climate

Dover is located nearby Interstate 95, which connects Maine to Florida, including the cities of Boston, New York, Baltimore, Washington and Richmond.

Dover residents and visitors enjoy four seasons, with warm, humid summers and cool winters — and snow only in moderation.

The largest employer in Delaware is the state government, located in Dover, one of the fastest growing areas in Delaware. Other employers include the Dover Air Force Base, Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble.