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Dover Downs Hotel & Casino Player:

We are a founding member of the Three is Enough coalition created to oppose the addition of new casinos in Delaware.

As you may know, there are proposals to add as many as 8 new gaming venues in the state.  When the legislature comes into session in January, they plan to consider new venues.  Our coalition thinks that the three existing casinos are enough, particularly in light of increased competition from Pennsylvania and Maryland-based casinos.

Three is Enough is made up of a variety of Delaware-based interests including Kent County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Delmarva Cleaning & Maintenance, Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, Delaware Park, Harrington Raceway and the related Horsemen groups.  We are growing every day.

We hope you will join us and voice your concerns about this possible, significant expansion of casinos in our state.

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To join the coalition, please e-mail

To follow the issue and get updates, visit facebook and search for “threeisenough” or click on this link: 
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                                                               Thank you for your support.