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                     NOVEMBER Power Jackpots!

      You could win CASH  or  FREE SLOT PLAY!!
                     "Everyone is a WINNER!"

Our recent
Power Jackpots
The Power is in YOUR Card!
   Congratulations David
        of Magnolia, DE
  for winning $2,299.00
         on October 22!

Congratulations Lawrence
          of Dover, DE
   for winning $2,187.00
         on October 15!

   Congratulations Carol
      of Edgewater, MD
  for winning $8,836.00
        on October 10!

  Congratulations Evelyn
      of Ft. Washington
  for winning $2,390.00
         on October 8!

  Congratulations Harry
        of Clayton, DE
  for winning $2,389.00
      on September 30!

  Congratulations Susan
     of Townsend, DE
  for winning $6,459.00
     on September 26!

        The POWER
              is in YOUR Card!

         Power Jackpots connects all slot machines in the casino.  Every
        Capital Club® Member with his/her card in play* is eligible to win!

                Five chances to win in November ...

                   Each Wednesday in November, Power Jackpots
             will start at $250 and will hit - GUARANTEED - before the

                               meter reaches  $2,500.00!   

       ALSO - on Saturday, November 21, the jackpot will start at
$500 and is guaranteed to hit

                     before reaching 

           That's November  4, 11, 18, 21 & 25!

, every Capital Club Member with his/her card in play when
                    Power Jackpots hit will receive FREE SLOT PLAY!

       Capital Gold® Members will receive  $25.00  in FREE Slot Play and
       Capital Platinum® Members will receive  $50.00  in FREE Slot Play!
       Capital EliteSM Members will receive  $100.00  in FREE Slot Play!

How it works ...

The Power Jackpots progressive meter starts at a set dollar amount and is GUARANTEED TO HIT before it reaches a preset maximum. At a random time during the progressive growth, one slot machine will trigger the Power Jackpots meter, and the current progressive value will be given to the player of that machine.

Come Play Power Jackpots ... 
                                   you could be our next winner!


                                          Click here for the official Rules and Regulations of this promotion.
                      * Inserted cards that do not record play for 4 minutes are considered inactive and ineligible.