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Inductees in the Blackjack Hall of Fame

If you want to find the greatest Blackjack players of all time, there is only one place to do it — founded in 2002 with an inaugural class of seven inductees, the Blackjack Hall of Fame in San Diego, California is the most prominent of several organizations dedicated to recognizing those who have made a lasting contribution to the game. The first inductees in the Blackjack Hall of Fame included:

  • Arnold Snyder, who since 1981 has been the editor of the quarterly publication, Blackjack Journal
  • Al Francesco, notorious card counter and pioneer of the concept of team play
  • Edward O. Thorp, probability expert and author of Beat the Dealer
  • Ken Uston, another early contributor to the development of team play and advocate for the rights of card counters
  • Stanford Wong — aka John Ferguson — author of Professional Blackjack, publisher of the computer program Blackjack Analyzer and inventor of the Wong method
  • Peter A. Griffin, mathematician and author ofThe Theory of Blackjack
  • Tommy Hyland, card counter and, since 1979, manager of the long-running Hyland Blackjack team

One notable trend among inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame is that many of them — in addition to advancing the game and introducing new strategies into the public consciousness — have been involved in the controversial practice of card counting, and in particular team play. Perhaps it is no surprise then that, in addition to a lifetime comp for food, drinks and lodging from the Barona Casino (one of the hall’s sponsors), members have to agree to never again play on the Barona’s tables.

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