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Big 6 Wheel

Big 6 Wheel

Come down to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino and try your luck at the Big 6 Wheel. One of our most popular attractions, the Big 6 Wheel is also one of the simplest casino games there is. There are no hands to memorize and no complex rules — just the luck of the draw and your own betting prowess. And with payouts as high as 45:1, you can still win big, even on a modest bet.


A fixture of casinos everywhere, Big 6 allows a player to win up to 45 times their original wager in a single spin!  The game is so named because there are six different wagers a player can make. You can find the Big 6 Wheel on the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino gaming floor, where it offers a great way to start a night of fun and excitement, or to cool down after a long session at our slots or table games. Be sure to check it out next time you visit us in Dover, DE.


Players will first choose where to wager.  The dealer will allow players to wager until the wheel is spin.  Prior to spinning, dealer will announce "no more bets" and then spin the wheel.  The wheel must rotate at least three times to constitute a valid spin.  When the wheel stops, the clapper will point to the winning number.  All other wagers lose and the wagers placed on the winning denomination are paid the appropriate odds.

Wager   |  Payout

       $1  | 1 to 1
       $2  | 2 to 1
       $5  | 5 to 1
     $10  | 10 to 1
     $20  |  20 to 1
   Joker  |  45 to 1
Casino  |  45 to 1

If the clapper comes to rest between two sections upon completion of the spin of the wheel, the spin shall be void and the dealer will re-spin the wheel.  Click here for the Big 6 Wheel Gaming Guide.

Only at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

The Big 6 Wheel is just one of the many luxury gaming options available to anyone willing to test their luck at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. Want to make the most of your experience here? Sign up for our exclusive Capital Club® and earn points each time you spin the Big 6 Wheel or play any of our other games. As a Club member, you will qualify for perks such as discounts on accommodations and attractions, free valet parking and much more. Sign up online or speak with a member representative next time you visit us.

Capital Club membership is just one of the perks available to anyone playing the Big 6 at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. Check out our Promotions page to learn more.