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Lucky Words: Every-Day Expressions Rooted in Gambling

We, as Americans, despite any preconceived notions or stereotypes, simply love to gamble. From the elegant high roller’s suites to the rooms of small town gambling halls, gambling is as much a part of our culture and history as any of our other favorite past-times. It is no small wonder that we gamble on the outcomes of games with feverish regularity.

Between casinos, raffles, pull-tabs, scratchers and lottery draws, gambling is everywhere and readily accessible. One might argue that life itself is a gamble, every venture — professional, personal or otherwise — offers something lost and something gained. The art of gambling has made itself very comfortable in our day to day life, regardless of whether or not any decks are shuffled, chips are stacked or dice were thrown.

Gambling has become a part of our language, too. The lexicon of the bet, the reward and the loss, is in-depth and quite specific. While you may not think so, expressions rooted in gambling are extremely common. Not so sure? Spend a day in conversation with people from all walks of life. You might be surprised to see how many gambling expressions, like the ones illustrated below, get thrown around.

Both of these sayings mean essentially the same thing: get ready. There is also an undertone of risk involved, an inherent connotation from their origins in gambling. The term ‘ante up’ comes from poker: before a player is dealt their opening cards, they need to put up ante. The word ante literally means ‘before.’ In order to see what the cards hold and whether a player’s hand will lead them to victory or bury them in defeat, ante must be paid.

‘Pony up’ is a similar expression coming from the art of horse racing. Even ancient Romans to the Comanche tribes of the American plains have bet on horses. Just as in poker, if a player is going to gamble on a horse, they had better ‘pony up’ with their money and pay to select the horse on which they are going to bet.

What is the jackpot? It can be anything: the last pair of shoes in your size at a sale, an extra helping of French fries on the house, a hot date on a Friday night or a game of chance that leaves you several hundred dollars richer. The term ‘Jackpot’ originated in the late 1800’s and comes from the game of poker.

A game variant called ‘Jacks of Better’ — similar to the traditional Five-Card Draw — had a rule that stated that players could only make a bet if they had a pair of Jacks or better, or any hand that would beat a pair of tens. If no one could make a bet, the hands got shuffled and re-dealt, with more ante added to the pot: thus the ‘Jack’ pot grew.

In modern English — a language famous for its complexity and amalgamation of other languages — being on the inside track can mean many things, but it always has its advantages. Being on the inside track might mean being on the short list for something special, like a promotion or inside information on a topic. You might know where to get tickets to a sold-out show or which horse is the hot bet in the up-coming race.

Speaking of betting on horses, the origin of the term ‘inside track’ comes from horse racing. On a typical oval racetrack, whichever horse and rider made it into the inside lane of the track had the advantage. That lane was shorter than the others, and riders could gain an advantage by taking the turns quicker and tighter than their opponents.

Said in passing on the street or in the casino, the term ‘high roller’ might be used to describe anyone of affluence, confidence or even a risk taker. Grandiose displays of wealth are not exactly a necessity to the high roller state of mind. Someone who gambles rashly or spends extravagantly can earn this title.

In terms of gambling, a high roller is simply anyone who regularly places large bets. Most likely, this expression came about from some dice game, where a player would literally roll for high stakes.

The phrase ‘on a roll’ is another expression that comes from the game of dice. When the dice are hot and showing in your favor, it can become harder and harder to stop gambling. “Why not ride your luck all the way through?” you might ask. This is being ‘on a roll.’ Things just seem to be going your way. Whether it’s making sales, cracking jokes or collecting $100 dollar chips from the stickman at the table, there are no signs of stopping.

When you think of ‘shark,’ perhaps you think first of that aquatic predator as it cuts through the crystal-clear depth like the edge of a living blade. Or, perhaps, you think of someone down at the pool-hall, leaning causally against a table, waiting for some luckless individual to lay a wager on a game of eight-ball.

Someone who is a shark, is similar to the predatory fish in terms of behavior: they look for prey. Originally an English term called card-sharp, our version has come to mean anyone who is particularly skilled in a game and makes a living by taking advantage of weaker players. Sharks do not necessarily cheat, but there is always certain unscrupulousness about them.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The list above has been only a taste of the many hundreds of expressions that came from gambling and have found their way into modern usage. As the art of gambling evolves, so will the expressions, words and sayings that are used in the games. What makes them interesting is that, more often than not, these phrases do not describe any particular aspect of the game itself. Instead, they are used to illustrate the highs and the lows of the emotions of the games and of the players.

Thanks to some of the phrases used today, you may now have a different angle in describing the events in your life that could leave you at the top of the world, burned out after a bitter loss or simply the throbbing pulse of the moment as you embrace chance.

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