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Casino Credit


The convenience of CREDIT at your fingertips. Fill out a credit application today! Casino Credit allows you the opportunity to have funds available for your gaming enjoyment. Your line of credit will be available at no interest and with no fees. Best of all, you can access your credit line whenever you like.

Applying is simple. Stop by the Credit Office in the casino with your personal checking account information and fill out a pre-application form. Or click the link above to fill out the form before you come in.  Our friendly staff will assist you in completing the application for final approval and check credit bureaus and your bank to verify that your accounts are in good standing.

Once your credit is approved, we will ask you to bring in your valid driver's license, passport or other form of state issued ID, along with a copy of your check. They will explain how to redeem your marker and review payment options.

Stop by or apply online today for the convenience of credit.

Contact Abbey or Ginnie in Casino Credit at (302) 674-3150 or 866-386-2833.


What is Casino Credit?
Casino Credit is a convenient way to have funds available to play the slot machines.

How can I apply?
Complete the Casino Credit pre-application form (you must include your personal checking account numbers). Once the pre-application is processed, our Credit Department will assist you with completing the application for final approval.

How is the application processed?
We Will: Check with a gaming credit bureau to see if you have established casino credit in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or other jurisdictions; obtain a consumer credit bureau report to view consumer credit payment history records; and contact your bank to obtain information regarding your personal or business sole-proprietor checking account including the opening date, average or current balance, whether you are the sole signatory on the account and whether the account is deemed satisfactory.

What happens when my credit is approved?
We will notify you when to come to the Credit Department with your valid driver's license, passport or other form of valid state issued ID, along with a copy of your check.

How long do I have to pay the marker?
Markers are held in the Cage for various lengths of time, based upon the denomination of each marker, among other factors. Markers can be consolidated, or a partial payment can be made against outstanding items. We have the right, in our discretion, to require you to pay off markers from jackpot proceeds.

How do I pay these markers?
Markers can be redeemed during the same visit with cash, tokens or personal checks. Mailing a personal or bank check/cash equivalent may also pay markers. Markers not paid by any of the above methods will be automatically presented to your bank for payment when due. No fees for current accounts. Unlike an ATM or credit cards, your line of credit is available to you at no interest and with no fees attached. It is convenient, fast and simple. And you can access it whenever you like.


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